“And,when you want to truely see the world, all the world conspires in helping you achieve it.”

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A city open from 8am to 5pm and then you get back on the ship Amerikan.
There is no income tax in Russia. But there's no income! General Secretary Gorbachev stumbled onto one of the best-kept secrets in recent Soviet history: Communism doesn’t work, but 90% of  Russian women do.
They make up the bulk of  the work force and are dressed to kill, and would make great prom dates´, or better yet, strip club-bacholor party girls.. Plus, there´s no fallout from professors and family when they admit, I´m a nude dancer trying to finish my Ph.D. It´s heroic.
 Makes me think of Politics, and  President´s who also could be strippers, names like Madison,Taylor,Kennedy, and Reagan, who when they did their job right, suspended our country´s disbelief, and the economic bald spot and the  mortgage ceased to exist.

On Reagan’s watch, the USSR collapsed,  and I can still hear those regular words, Tear Down This Wall... and the extra crispy, ``My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes


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