“And,when you want to truely see the world, all the world conspires in helping you achieve it.”

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Finnish ing Up "The Snow Show"
Biking along The Old Sea Port. Sunny day today.
Your life style will determine your death style....and the Finns set the bar
Didn't see any Reindeer but I did see Rudolph the red nosed cowboy---at The Drinking Shop, aka Helsinki.
Moonlight in Vodka is in full bloom. The sun never sets on a good libation. Helsinki is a shrine to viina.
The #1 cause of death in Finland is alcohol. It's not just a drug, but a vitamin. It may be gluten-free. Yet, in my spirited quest for new taste, it's easy to say "No thank you", to Finlandia (Vodka). even Swedish Absolut.


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