“And,when you want to truely see the world, all the world conspires in helping you achieve it.”

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Sun is shining. Wind is blowing. How bad can I be doing?

It's The Middle East not The Mid West

Hashing In Riyadh -a friendship of kindred spirits joined together for the sole purpose of forgetting about being so far away from home and remembering how simple it is to have fun.

Motion creates emotion, whether you run or walk

It's  good to get out and do something else besides work, sleep  eat, and complain about "Segregation Forever"(sexual apartheid) Mens-only Starbucks( and,  the naked mermaid logo is banned!), Mens-Only Mall hours (single men are only allowed into shopping centers at lunch time on weekdays)Men's Only...everything and everywhere!

Ah the brightside of repression for women-It's a man's world. 2 words you quickly learn are halal (permissible) and haram (forbidden).

With  the exception of wearing shorts (I was thrown out of a restaurant because my body parts were showing), "Western Rules" rule  for men and women expats INSIDE the compound-our barbed wired- walled residential community, built for  company employees, but not OUTSIDE the compound. 

Saudi Arabia is devoid of public entertainment, cinemas and clubs, and women are all covered up in black robes or abayas.oooh ahhhh. So what, you get used to it. After all--- Cha Ching $$$, I am committed to advancing America's values and interests of making a "fast buck" , even when that means  putting myself in danger of boredom!

As Blaise Pascal said" All of man's trouble stem from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone"

You get to reframe things- It is Modern Chivalry, an ethical standard and  a sign of modesty and respect in the local culture. 


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